A.L White, The Early Elmshaven Years −During the last three nights of her stay at Paradise Valley, she was given instruction by God in the visions of the night concerning the work in that part of the state:


During the last three nights of my stay at this institution, much instruction was given me regarding the sanitariums which for years have been greatly needed, and which should long ago have been equipped and set in working order. Medical missionary work is to be to the third angel’s message as the right hand to the body. − Manuscript 147, 1904


A.L White −This [night season] Spokesman stressed that Ellen White’s special energies and capabilities were to be used in getting out the books that were essential for these last days, and that she was to place herself in the best possible position for health. According to her Instructor: We must gather every distinct ray of light that will substantiate the truth, bearing aloft the banner for these last days…


A few days later she recorded:

I cannot sleep this morning after twelve o’clock.... I am drawn out in prayer to my heavenly Father for increased strength that I may present to the people the most precious and essential truth for this time and entreat all to preserve the old landmarks that have been searched out and under the demonstration of the Holy Spirit proclaimed to the world. − Manuscript 147, 1904     Home Page